• 多明尼克过滤器滤芯AO-0017G-C、K017-AO过滤器滤芯


     品牌:兰德  型号:AO-0017G-C  原理:吸附法  
     用途:空气过滤  样式:管式  性能:精密过滤  
     适用对象:空气  滤料类型:纤维  过滤器类型:管式  
     主体材质:铝合金  适用范围:化工;石油;制药;汽车;轻工;食品;选矿;水处理;电镀;冶金;染料;纺织  有效过滤面积:1.5 ㎡ 
     外形尺寸:89*205 mm 设备重量:1 kg  

    产品介绍 Product introduction
          兰德塑料滤芯过滤特点滤芯内外层防腐蚀保护多层玻璃纤维及微纤维,过滤大微粒,为下阶段预过滤复合纤维层进一步聚结微油雾外层紧附去除0.01μ或更大固态及液态微粒去除99.99+%微油雾,油雾剩余含量0.01PPM。不同精度级别滤芯采用不同结构的塑料骨架, 耐腐蚀、结构性能优;焊接强度高、气流阻力低。不同精度级别滤芯采用不同结构型式、新型“矩阵混合纤维”使介质接触面积面积大,改进了滤除率,提高了过滤效果。    

          Rand plastic filter features corrosion protection of  the  inner  and outer layers of the filter core,  multi-layer glass fibers and Glass  CompositeFiber Filter Paper microfibers, filtering large particles, for the nextstage of pre-filtration  Product  specification composite fiber layer further coalesce micro-oil mist outer layer to remove 0.01u or solid and liquid particles to remove 99.99+% micro-oil mist, residual content of 0.01 PPM. Plastic skeleton with different structureis used for filter element of different precision level. It has corrosionresistance and structural performance.Excellent;high welding strength,low air resistance. Different types of filter elements  with different precision levels and new "matrix mixed fibers" make thecontact areaof media larger, improve the 
    filtration rate and improve thefiltering effect.
    产品信息 Product information
    名称/Name:AO-0017G-C    品牌/Brand:兰德/Lande
    原厂家/Original manufacturer:兰德/Lande
    产地/Place of Origin:杭州/Hangzhou
    产品型号 Product model

    产品实拍图Photographs of products



    ①:In the case of samples: Provide samples and send samples. No size required

    ②:In the absence of samples: provide the filter core diameter, height, interface size, pictures, whether the end cap has threads or not, if there are threads to measure the size of the threads.

    企业介绍 Enterprise introduction

         兰德拥有一支技术精湛、高效实干、富有合作精神的团队。加工工艺先进,专用设备齐全,检测手段先进,售后服务完善,具有可靠的ISO 9001-2000质量保证体系。产品不仅畅销国内,并且远销欧美、日本及东南亚等地。







         Rande has a team of skilled, efficient, practical and cooperative spirit. Advancedprocessing technology, complete special equipment, advanced testing means, perfect after-sales service, with a reliable ISO 9001-2000 quality assurance system. The products not only sell well in China, but also in Europe, America, Japan and 
    Southeast Asia.
         Company purpose: to create benefits for society
         Company policy: unity and cooperation, focusing on quality, pioneering and innovative, realistic and pragmatic.
         Corporate Spirit: Dedication to Professional Business
         Business objectives: to create first-class enterprises in the industry
         Quality Policy: Quality seeks survival, management seeks benefit, variety seeks development, service seeks market.
    Product development
         Lande takes the principle of "producing high-performance and high-quality products" and aims to catch up with advanced international technology. Since the start-up of the enterprise, it has always adhered to the concept of user-oriented product development.
         The R&D Institute is composed of full-time engineers and laboratories with excellent theoretical and practical abilities. It can provide you with desired productsthrough the process of collecting data, finding rules, model design, testing and analysis, optimum design, process audit, sample manufacturing, operation test andso on, according to customers'suggestions and requirements.
         As a flexible, efficient and honest partner, Rand always proceeds from the needsof users, in the position of creating value for users, to provide technical support to customers, to help customers achieve design goals. After years of development, many sales service organizations have been set up in China. These organizations 
    are characterized by convenient customers and fast service. At the same time, it is also convenient for companies to keep abreast of the real needs of customers and keep abreast of the latest developments in the market. Rande has perfect customer files, management center and marketing center. Through the major exhibitions and 
    the media to maintain two-way communication with customers, regardless of where customers are, every moment will feel Rand's efficient service.

    企业证书 Enterprise certificate

    购买须知     Purchase instructions                                                                                   

         High quality 304 stainless steel punching mesh, punch, washing oil dirt. Thickness ismore than 0.4 mm, and the thickness of large filter element is more than 0.7 mm.
         High quality 201 stainless steel screw, standard 5/16 inch teeth made exclusively.
         Composite glass fiber nylon cover, explosion-proof and corrosion-resistant.

         Standard Rand filter element size, without affecting the installation, widen and lengthen than the original size, increase the flow of filter element, enhance the filtering effect. Achieve the quality of adding qu**ty and increasing price.

         Picture color because of the influence of light color difference belongs to the normal situation, mainly physical!

        拨打 【】,我们将耐心为您解答。
         Dial: , we will be patient to answer for you.

         The size of filter element is not right or there is a problem in installation. There is no reason to return and exchange the goods in 7 days.

         Hankson filter cartridges are in large stock and can be shipped before 17:00 a.m. on a single day. Customized filter elements can be shipped within 3-7 days!

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